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Animal traction at the estate

Publicado el 07 12 2016      

During the last few weeks we have strapped the strains, plowed and planted. All this with our tools and the best possible mate, the Breton horse Bru.

The recovery of this way of working is more than a spiritual connection between man, plant, animal and earth.

Finca Biodinamica

From a practical and viticultural point of view working with the help of the horse allows us to:

- Avoid compacting the earth. The soil remains spongy and there is more life (insects, fungi, bacteria, worms …) and the roots of the vines develop better.

- The plants that we have sowed grow stronger and act as decomposers for the soil, giving organic matter to the soil which is necessary for good fertility.

- Respect the vines as much as possible as should a mistake occur an animal would cause much less damage than a tractor would.

- Reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

In addition, the romantic part of returning to the origins of animal agriculture; This allows us to walk among the vineyards, contemplating and admiring the vines.

We are currently working the vineyards of the Mas, Clos del Serral and La Plana with the aim of being able to extend this practice to more hectares in the near future.

Finca Biodinamica

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