The harvest of hope

Raventós i Blanc, the most mineral estate

Can Sumoi

Lost traditions

The poetry hidden behind pruning

The biodynamic preparations of Autumn


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Biodynamic agriculture is, within the ecological viticulture, the most meticulous, deep and spiritual of all the options to practice in the vineyard. Biodynamics is also a philosophy, a commitment that we acquire with the plant and the earth. Our goal is to give life to the soil and ensure a good balance to the biodiversity […]

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Harvest 2016 at Raventós i Blanc


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Water is what the vines most want now. We come from a very dry year 2015 (310mm of rain, when the average is about 550mm). During the autumn it rained very little and the water reserves of the soil weren’t filled. In early spring we had some rain that helped us to have a good […]

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Viticulture Encounter at Remelluri



On the 15th and 16th May La Granja de Remelluri (La Rioja) witnessed the #ViticultureEncounter, organized in order to contribute to the recovery of the great Spanish vineyard and the prestige of the rural world. Key people in today’s changing world of wine came to the call of Telmo Rodriguez. There were more than 150 professionals, wine lovers and […]

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The Raventós i Blanc Oak Says Goodbye



Our symbol, the 550 year old Oak , is not going to wake up anymore . Nature taking its course. Being tired for the last time , he has decided to say farewell. Imposing. Monumental. Magnificent. He was the only living witness of the 22 generations of the same family that has worked our farm. […]

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