We try to do what we say and say what we think

We know that machinery allows us to work more quickly, but we also know that the rhythm of nature is different, and

that is why we want to restore the ancient Penedès farming traditions where animals, plants and man live in harmony.

We endeavour not to forget that truth does not exist, that the path is made as we take a step forward, that the wonder of wine is in its origins and, above all, to know how to interpret it with humility. This is why we make Conca del Riu Anoia.

January - February

  • Winter pruning.
  • Application of the biodynamic preparation 500 made from cow manure and Maria Thun.

March - April

  • Application of Preparation 501 made from Silica.
  • Observation of the sprouting.
  • Beginning of the cycle.

April - May - June

  • Green pruning.
  • Observation of the phytosanitary state and phytosanitary treatments and phytotherapy.
  • Work on the soils with horses (dig under, mow, till, turn over the grass, dig).


  • Application of Preparation 501.
  • Observation of the unripe grape.

August - September

  • Tasting of the grape seeds.
  • Analytical monitoring of the maturing of the grape.
  • Grape harvest.

October - November

  • Application of Preparation 501 and 500.
  • Work on the soils with horses (till, loosen, secure).
  • Application of dung.
  • Sown field.


  • Pruning begins.
  • Animal grazing to cut the grass on the vine plots.

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