December of 2018
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Interview of Pepe Raventós by the Sommelier magazine. Pepe tells us about history, tradition, Conca del Riu Anoia and Mas del Serral.

October of 2018

El 3 de vuit

A DO of sparkling wines has an incredible opportunity to succeed in the world

Pepe Raventó's interview in the regional newspaper "El 3 de 8". Where we talk of our departure from the DO Cava and the path we will follow in the future.

July of 2018
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Raventós i Blanc: DO Conca del Riu Anoia

The Japanese magazine Wands, a benchmark in the Japanese wine sector, writes two pages about Raventós i Blanc, interviewing Pepe Raventós, in which he talks about Conca del Riu Anoia and future projects.

July of 2018

Berry Bros & Rudd

Sophie Thorpe - United Kingdom

Meet the maker: Pepe Raventós

Berry Bros & Rudd publishes a Pepe Raventós' interview. Pepe is the 21 generation of the family working the same land, in which Pepe has the opportunity to explain the history of this historic family farm, where they make the most prestigious and recognized Spanish sparkling wines in the world.

May of 2018
Articles, Interviews

El Mundo

Victoria Gallardo y Javier Luengo - Spain

From New York to the vineyard to live for 100 years

An interview to Pepe Raventós in one of the most importants newspapers in Spain, El Mundo where he explains his toughts, aims and vision.


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