October of 2021

Diari Ara

Article on a main Catalan newspaper dedicated to the solidarity project promoted by Pepe Raventós in collaboration with the Can Brians prison to support and help in the reintegration of people deprived of liberty. With the ultimate goal of creating a winery near the prison where inmates can learn to make wine as well as other trades. Ciutat Nua is the wine that makes it possible to raise money for this social initiative.

June of 2021

Roads and Kingdoms- The Trip

Nathan Thornburgh

“Pepe Raventós: Forever Sparkling Wine”

The podcast, The Thip, from the travel and gastronomy blog Roads and Kingdoms, has interviewed Pepe Raventós to talk about his philosophy of how to take care of the environment to make wine and about the conflict of DOs.

May of 2021

Diari de Girona

Alfons Petit

The Catalan newspaper conducted an interview with Pepe Raventós that was published in his Sunday morning. An interview where Pepe vindicates good practices for making a quality sparkling wine and above all the importance of nature and the territory.

February of 2021

The Corkdorks Podcast

Pepe Raventós was interviewed on Paul Patel's American podcast THE CORK DORKS. The podcast gives voice to carefully selected winemaking destinations from around the world. Pepe appears in the second program and the interview, he talks about his different winemaking projects, along with his passions and above all tells the history and philosophy of Raventós I Blanc.

January of 2021

By The Glass Podcast

Chris Poldoian

The American podcast “By the Glas”s presented by Chris Poldoian, interviewed Pepe Raventós. Dedicating him the Podcast "Protecting Penedès with Pepe Raventós" in which Pepe Raventós talks about his winemaking philosophy, his projects and his evolution in the world of wine.


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