December of 2023
Articles, Tastings, Interviews


Pepe Raventós reviews his childhood and career in the world of wine before focusing on his different projects and work philosophy in this interview.

December of 2023
Articles, Interviews

Va de Vi

Eva Vicens - Spain

The director of the most important catalan wine website interviews Pepe Raventós about the harvest of 2023, the difficulties caused by the drought and how he sees the future of the Penedès.

August of 2023
Articles, Interviews

El 3 de vuit

Ricard Vinyals - Spain

1-page interview with Pepe Raventós, who talks about the current drought, how we work the vineyard and the price of grapes.

May of 2023
Interviews, Articles

White Paper by

Ana Pérez - Spain

Raventós i Blanc, cuando la esencia del vino es el origen

Interview with Pepe Raventós where the history of the family and the work we do both on the estate and in the winery are explained.


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