Manuel Raventós Negra

Manuel Raventós Negra, descendent of Josep Maria Raventós i Blanc


Manuel Raventós' personal selection of the best wines of the vintage.
Manuel Raventós Negra
2.560 bottles

Personal coupage

Manuel Raventós Negra, descendent de Josep Maria Raventós i Blanc is the personal selection Manuel Raventós makes of the best wines of the vintage. It is his personal coupage. A signature sparkling wine. For lovers of fresh wines with acidity, structure and volume, tense on the palate, with fine bubbles and aromas of toast and butter. A golden colour.

A sparkling wine that, due to its exceptional character, is only bottled in the most exceptional vintages.


The six years of ageing in stacks give it a bright gold colour and a marvellous structure on the palate, as well as an enveloping silky texture with a long, bitter finish typical of wines from the Conca del Riu Anoia.

Manuel Raventós 2013 reinvents the coupage of the 2012 vintage. After making two consecutive vintages (2011, 2012) with a single-variety Xarel·lo coupage.


Manuel Raventós 2013 stands out with a coupage of contrasting native varieties, the white Xarel·lo variety (40%) and the new addition of the red Sumoll variety (60%).

2013 harvest

Cool and damp. Excellent vintage, with long and healthy ripening cycles, like they used to be more than 30 years ago.
A demanding vintage with great potential for ageing. A cycle which reminded us of those of 30 years ago, when we harvested the Macabeo after the Sant Sadurní Fairs and the Xarel.lo at the end of September. Wet autumn, cool and dry winter with sporadic rainfall. Spring started out cool and damp, with rains in March and May. The end of spring was cool and dry, followed by a meteorologically short summer, that produced a slow vegetative development. The harvest started on 19 August. There were no heat waves during the months of August and September – the summer temperatures were moderate which contributed to a slow and good maturity of the different varieties of grape.
During the agricultural year we had a high precipitation rate of 605 L/m2 (average rainfall of the past 20 years is 548 L/m2) and an average temperature of 14.7 °C, without extreme temperatures (average temperature of the last twenty years is 15.1 ºC).

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Personal Selection MRN

Xarel·loHarvested  the 25 of September. 4.362 kg/ha 



Native variety that is planted on 50% of the entire estate. It is the first to bud, has the longest cycle of all our varieties, and at the harvest has the best sugar-acidity-intensity balance. It is our seal of identity, the variety that allows the long ageing of our sparkling wines, due to its good agricultural performance and its aromatic and taste potential.

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