A commitment to an age-old viticulture tradition

Strict winegrowing requirements that help us pass on and learn more about our viticulture tradition, the strength of our land, the typicity of our grapes and the characteristics of our soils. And the greatest of care in the production of our wines using the traditional method.

In 2011, we started to uproot the foreign varieties and, at present on the estate we have

Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Parellada, Monestrell, Bastard Negre, Sumoll and Xarel·lo Vermell

These are varieties that are well-adapted to our climate; grapes that with the passing of time and generations, have become the essence of our terroir.

Varieties with a low terpene content, which highlight the importance of the season and the soil in which they are grown. Thus, with the Conca del Riu Anoia we offer the world sparkling wines with a deep mineral character.

The life cycle of our farm comes full circle with the vine

In 1880, our ancestor Manuel Raventós Domènech was already experimenting with the planting of small separate plots. He was the creator of the formula for the Penedès sparkling wine, based on three native varieties: Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada.

On this farm, we look after our land and animals using homeopathic medicines and organic products; and we use animal and plant fertilisers made on the farm itself.

It is a self-sufficient estate, where agriculture is combined with livestock rearing creating a circle of life: soil, climate, plants, animals

There are very few estates on which the winery and the vineyards are located so close to one another and where the winegrower can be found right there amongst the vines.

To achieve maximum authenticity, restoring the Penedès farming tradition, where man, animals and plants coexist in a closed ecosystem

Each vintage is different and we want to reflect this in the character of our vines:

prioritising the very nature of their life cycles.

The minimum ageing period of 18 months resting on the lees gives our sparkling wines an optimal balance between an expression of their origin and the vines, fully conveying the characteristics of our terroir.

During the ageing process, the bubbles are refined and integrated into the wine, becoming smaller and more pleasant. The yeast autolysis also occurs, producing different molecules that give our sparkling wines creaminess and volume.

A commitment to our origins

Manuel Raventós Domènech travelled constantly to all the winegrowing regions of Europe; especially to Champagne. He wrote accounts of all his journeys and in them we find phrases and reflections that could have been written today.

They all affirmed the immense potential of our terroir for producing sparkling wines:

"The Champagne producers claim that there is no terroir in the world that is better or as good as Champagne for making sparkling wine. This is quite implausible because it would be too much of a coincidence if Dom Perignon's chance invention just happened to take place precisely in the location with the best conditions for sparkling wine"

Written in 1928 the III Volum dels Viatges d’estudi
Manuel Raventós Domènech

Geology of the Anoia River Basin

Our soils have a particular geological history that began 40 million years ago, when the European and African continental plates collided and, as a result, the main mountain ranges of Europe and Catalonia were formed: the Pyrenees, the Pre-Pyrenees and the Coastal and Pre-Coastal Ranges.

Later, 20 million years ago, Corsica and Sardinia became detached from the continent and the Vallès Penedès depression was formed. At that time, the valley was covered by the Mediterranean Sea and this continued to be the case for 4 million more years until at least 16 million years ago. Subsequently, the estuary of the River Anoia dried up, leaving behind enormous deposits of carbonated marine life (fossils) within the limestone bedrock. This is what gives our soils such a unique personality.

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