Club 1497 is a meeting point for friends of our sparkling wine family

At Club 1497 we at Raventós i Blanc want to share our passion for our land and everything that makes our work possible. We want to offer you the opportunity of immersing yourself into the small and big experiences of the day-to-day life of a wine-growing estate; life on the farm. And, of course, everything that precedes the harvest until we achieve the sparkling wine we are after.

Here, you'll be able to experience first-hand the winegrowers’ tasks, the developing and aging of our sparkling wines.

Three exclusive shipments

Selections performed by Manuel Raventós from the ideal sparkling wines for each moment in the year

Once you join the 1497 Club you will receive three annual shipments with one of those personally selected by Manuel Raventós, of the sparkling wines he considers ideal for every moment of the year; we are constantly aiming at exclusivity that can rarely be found in the shops.

Limited editions

Access to special vintages and other exclusive sparkling wines

For specialist collectors and lovers of aged wines, or for those who wish to taste and try our most limited editions; we offer a closed number of special vintages, the best Cuvées; natural garage wines; or even some bottles from his most intimate and personal project: Mas del Serral.

Encounters 1497

Do you want to join us for wine tastings, dinners and unique experiences?

Finally, and because wine is always evolution, learning and celebration, we will find occasions to taste wines together, to gather around a table full of wines; to celebrate everything possible and discover wines from all over the world. And so, gradually, we will get to know each other better and deepen this passion for the world of wine that unites us.

If you want to know about and enjoy the work in the vineyard, be the first to test the new vintages, join us at tastings, parties and have access to limited editions, welcome!

For all this and much more, Club 1497 begins its adventure!

I want to be part of club 1497!

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