The annual fixed cost of the club is 290€. This entitles you to the three set annual allocations. the fee is renewed annually unless you unsubscribe a month before the renewal date by writing to club1947@raventos.com. The payment will be automatically by credit card.

For the purchase of alcoholic beverages requires being of legal age (18 years). To become a member of the club, you must be an old mayor (18 years old).

Payment is made when you subscribe by charging to the credit goal provided, and on this same card will be charged for annual renewals automatically.

The subscription is until December 31, always enjoying three exclusive shipments regardless of the registration date.

The subscription is renewed automatically in January. Any unsubscription should be communicated before December 31th by club1497@raventos.com

By sending an email to: club1497@raventos.com

No, the annual cost may vary and Raventos i Blanc will always let you know before the renewal date. The wines, events, visits... may also vary every year.

The exclusive shipments that appear on the web at the time of registration in the Club 1497 will be those that you will receive at home; in any case, they can be subject to change according to availability, and in this situation they will always be of very similar characteristics and price.

Exclusive shipments will be subject to change every January 31; be it for the reason of the vintage, or according to product; but always of similar cost and characteristics, looking for that special and exclusive.

Yes, the limited editions will be always charged separately.

Send an email to: club1497@raventos.com

We send shipments three times a year. You will be notified in advance of the exact dates.

The price of the shipments is included in the price of the wine in all national shipments. In the case of international shipments, it will be charged separately.

If you have any questions about your order you can send an email to: club1497@raventos.com

Simply send an email to: club1497@raventos.com

This option is currently unavailable.

We will keep you updated about all our wines, sparkling wines and new products.

The fixed cost is that of the three annual allocations. In addition, costs will depend on the purchases of limited editions you make as a member.

Yes, provided you let us know in advance.

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