Pepe Raventós

Viticulturist and nature lover

Dynamic, energetic and a lover of the world of wine and viticulture, Pepe Raventós joined Raventós i Blanc in 2001, but his association with the world of cava goes back to when he was young and spent his summers picking grapes at Sant Sadurní, where twenty-one generations of his family have lived since the end of the 15th century.
His life has been marked by social work, but above all by wine. From a very young age, he spent hours working in the fields at Saint Émilion, learning to produce red wine. He gained experience in producing wine with Didier Dagueneau in the Pouilly-Fumé AOC in the Loire Valley; Nicolas Chiquet in Dizy in the Champagne wine region, and Jean-Patrick Merignac in Saint Philippe d'Aiguille in Bordeaux.
A lover of nature, animals and the farm, he strives for excellence in everything he does. A man of great conviction, a fighter and a dreamer, his every-day life is full of significance because he knows he is working for future generations.

The objectiveTo follow his grandfather's dreams and make them come true

Highly committed and determined to make Raventós i Blanc one of the best producers of sparkling wines in the world. He has one goal: to ensure Raventós i Blanc wines have their own name. He works tirelessly to give the sparkling wines of this area prestige and their own unique personality.

"We don't want perfect wines, we want authentic wines"

A new challengeIn 2012, he decided that Raventós i Blanc should leave the Cava DO

This coincided with the decision to create the Conca del Riu Anoia DO, because he strongly believes that there is an opening for wines like ours: authentic, coming from a single estate, a specific climate, native grape varieties and rigorous, precise and respectful winegrowing.

"I think that every generation should start from scratch, following their dreams, not just doing the same old things that have been done before"

Conca del Riu AnoiaThe dream of a new Designation of Origin

He is convinced that he can offer something unique and unrepeatable if people work hard and honestly at all stages of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottling of the wine. Not better, not worse, but unique:

"Our climate, traditional varieties, geology and age-old traditions in this area, the valley of the River Anoia, mean that the most authentic sparkling wines in the world can be made"

Manuel Raventós

Oenologist at Raventós i Blanc - Twentieth generation

He is the eldest of Josep Maria Raventós i Blanc and Isabel Negra i Valls' eleven children. He was born and brought up in the Can Codorníu ancestral home at Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. He studied at Sant Josep de Sant Sadurní School and, later, he went to Barcelona to finish his secondary education. He graduated in agricultural engineering, with a specialization in agricultural industries from the Technical University of Madrid, and was awarded a diploma in Oenology by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The early daysHis professional activity started far from Can Codorníu

He participated in the creation of several pioneering companies in the Ebro Delta (horticulture and rice for seed, drainage and agricultural infrastructures, logistics and distribution of refrigerated and frozen products) and continues to be associated with them.

New projectIn 1986, he and his father founded Raventós i Blanc

A winery created to give significance to an estate and to provide continuity to the history of a family. He and his father dreamt up the concept of the greatest possible proximity between man and nature, thus bringing back to life the idea of Catalan peasantry. A few days after founding the company, his father died and he was left alone in charge of the winery. The beginnings were tinged with great sadness, but also great excitement and enthusiasm. With the support of his mother, siblings, aunts and uncles and friends from all over Spain, he launched the creator’s first coupage: the Josep Maria Raventós i Blanc cava.

The foundationsIn the 1990s, Manuel Raventós created the first estate cava

During the 1990s, he had to fight hard to put the winery in order; the difficult economic situation and internal problems meant that Manuel was forced to sell the property that Raventós i Blanc had in Bordeaux, the Château d'Aiguille, and the Can Codorníu ancestral home (which belonged to him as the Raventós family heir). Today, he continues to work as director of the winery, faithful to his ideas, travelling all over the world, organizing wine tastings and preparing each new vintage with the same excitement as he demonstrated for his first coupage.

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