Our goal is to restore the farm organism in which nature, animal and man coexist in harmony in the same spot

A healthy habitat

Raventós i Blanc’s commitment to tradition and the natural and historic heritage of the estate has prompted us to promote biological biodiversity. The placing of nesting boxes, refuges and feeders for birds, bats and butterflies has meant that a tremendous variety of protected species

have found a healthy and free environment on our estate, which is extremely beneficial agriculturally

Wide-ranging diversity of protected species

On the Raventós i Blanc estate there are birds such as the Scops Owl, the Little Owl, the Hoopoe, the Black Redstart or the Common Pipistrelle, the most common and smallest of all bat species found here, that usually feeds on moths.
All them are protected species because of their contribution to the process of pollination, pest control and maintenance of soil fertility, which is extremely beneficial agriculturally.

An ecosystem made up of vineyards, fields and woods

By focusing on and nurturing biodiversity and discovering the natural values of our estate, we are seeking a threefold link:

agriculture, producing sparkling wines and preserving the rich life of the ecosystem itself, which pertains part of a whole

Grasshoppers provide food for birds, small mammals and reptiles
Spiders are also a great source of nutrition for all the insectivore birds of the estate
Squirrels abound on the pine and oak trees of our estate
The great tit often occupies the nesting boxes we place for insectivores

May our presence here be undetectable

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