Gift set 6 bottles

Gift set 6 bottles

2 bottles de La Finca 2017 (Raventós i Blanc)
2 bottles Blanc de Blancs 2018 (Raventós i Blanc)
2 bottles De Nit 2018 (Raventós i Blanc)

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De La Finca 2017 Raventós i Blanc (2 bottles)
De la Finca sparkling wine is made with grapes from our oldest vines, planted using the gobelet system in 1964 in the Vinya dels Fòssils

Blanc de Blancs 2018 de Raventós i Blanc (2 bottles)
Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling wine marked by the typicity of its place of origin, the Vinya del Llac, a vineyard over 40 years’ old, which allows us to obtain a structured, fresh and complex sparkling wine.

De Nit 2018 de Raventós i Blanc (2 bottles)
"Looking for colour, I found Monestrell from the western part of the Serral hill, which provides complexity without losing freshness” - Pepe Raventós

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