Harvest 2016 at Raventós i Blanc


Water is what the vines most want now. We come from a very dry year 2015 (310mm of rain, when the average is about 550mm). During the autumn it rained very little and the water reserves of the soil weren’t filled.

In early spring we had some rain that helped us to have a good germination and an early cycle. May, June and July months have been extremely dry. It has rained only 20mm in two and half months that’s why some plots have suffered an excessively low vegetative growth, coulure in flowering  and low development of the grape.

The plots that have best adapted are most of the Xarel·lo, especially in the area of ​​the lake and fossils. 38mm rained last Friday 22th July, and although did it in very short period of  time it gives us some hope so that we can improve productivity and quality of the harvest. It would be great if some rain falls in early August. See if nature here listening to our requests

It is the year that the vineyard has suffered more due to the lack of water. The rain values ​​were 200 mm from October to June (usually at this time of year we have 400mm). We can compare it to the drought 2014, because 2013 was very wet and 2015 very dry (310mm of rain, when the average is about 550mm).


The good thing is that the health of the grapes is perfect. The number of grapes that have grown is good, this means we have a good balance between production and quality. The plant only lacks energy and water to mature well. Water is what the vines want most.


This year harvest goes a bit slowly if we compare it to last year were it was a bit advanced. This 2016 will be very similar to 2014, 2012 and 2011 vintages.

The only issue that we have now due to the lack of rain is a plague of rabbits. They are around the vines as a result of the drought as there is little vegetation on the ground so they eat the green shoots of strain.

At this time, we can only do one thing: wait and prepare for the great fest of life. The best is yet to come!

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