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“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.”  Louis Pasteur.

In spite of being quite in agreement with what Louis Pasteur preached, we also believe in the magic of books.

You are not a true fan of wine without a good wine cellar (full) of publications. Often, choosing a book involves a complicated search through thousands of genres, authors and titles. That is why, and because there are so many lovers of both wine and reading, we wanted to make the task easier. So we have come up with a small compilation of the three books that every #WineLover should read.

We hope you will find them useful to add to your Christmas list, to give away, for a Secret Santa gift or just because.

1. “Los Nuevos Viñadores” by Luis Gutiérrez

Gutierrez is the most influential specialist in Spanish wines today and representative in Spain of the world’s leading publication of the sector: “The Wine Advocate”, founded by Robert Parker.

The book, with a foreword by Parker, is a story about 14 Spanish winemakers, their personal story and their efforts to restore the best vineyards and native varieties in each region. This group of winemakers – among which we find Pepe Raventós – represent the great diversity of Spanish wine, both the present and the future. According to Luis himself, “they are a new generation of winemakers who are making some of the best wines in Spain.”

The book, which was published a year ago in Spanish, also has an English version.

2. “Natural Wine: An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally” by Isabelle Legeron.

Isabelle Legeron, known as “That crazy French woman”, is the only French woman with the title of Master of Wine and one of the most significant, recognized and listened to voices in the world of natural wines. She is also the creator of the Raw Wine Fair, one of the most influential natural wine shows today. If you want to discover the secrets of the latest edition, you will find it all in our blog.

The author is a firm advocate of the natural wine movement. In the book she reveals why the best and most authentic wines are those made in a natural way. This is a great guide if you want to be initiated into the fantastic world and consumption of natural wines.

3. “Wine Revolution. The world’s best organic, biodynamic & natural wines” by Jane Anson.

Jane Anson is a correspondent in Bordeaux of the magazine Decanter and one of the few writers of wine that, according to Elin McCoy, columnist of Wine & Spirits Magazine, captures the essence of what she writes with enthusiasm and authority. The publication is brilliant and timely. Essential reading about today’s world of organic, biodynamic and natural wine, where wine producers, passions and bottles with sensitivity and a characteristic style abound.

When you flick through, you will find an extensive story about Raventós y Blanc and Pepe Raventós. Therefore, if you are one of those fans who have always wondered where all the artisan wines are hidden, read this book that not only explains it all, but also brings them to life with stories and gastronomic ideas.

Finally, and to offer a less technical and more playful alternative:

4. Golf & Wine”.

Golf & Wine offers a surprising perspective of the best and most exclusive bodegas and golf courses in Spain. More than 200 pictures show us a new vision of two closely linked worlds here. It is the result of an extraordinary photographic trip which captures a little-known perspective which will enthral both lovers of golf, architecture and good wine. If you fall into one of these categories, let yourself go with this visual gift. You will find us in the chapter on Catalonia!

There is no gift better than a book. What about you? What will you put in your case this Christmas?

Get reading!

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