«Let the world get excited when they see us»

This is what we dream about for our wine-growing area, a geographical area scattered with vineyards that are cared for and worked on with the utmost respect in accordance with ecological and sustainable viticulture. Where the farmer earns a good living.

What we have to achieve is to unite winemakers and wine-growers to work together towards a common goal. Working with such great sensitivity for our territory that the world gets excited when it sees it,states Pepe Raventós.

With this wonderful objective we initiated a new harvest at the beginning of August. A harvest where –as could not be otherwise– the focal point was the grape, our own grapes and those of the winemakers we work with. The vineyards were adversely affected by the disastrous drought of this spring and early summer; vineyards cultivated throughout the viticultural cycle for this very moment.

Here we meet the first protagonists of this story: the local winegrowers of the Conca del Riu Anoia. Farmers increasingly subject to harvests marked by a changing climate. This year, the lack of rain and extreme temperatures severely affected our area.

Esteva, Joan, Josep, Lluís, Ferran or Miquel are some of the owners of the old Xarel·lo, Macabeo or Parellada vineyards we work with. Like many others, tending the vineyards is their vocation, so not only do they offer quality grapes, but they also take good care of our territory. An effort that must be valued and rewarded; because:

A territory can only continue to be a wine-growing area if the winegrowers can make a decent living.”

Record prices in the region

50% of the grapes we harvested come from these anonymous protagonists: local winemakers with old vineyards whose organic certification dates back more than 30 years. Since we left the DO Cava in 2012, we have remained faithful to vineyards within the geographical area of the Conca del Riu Anoiawhich are always harvested manually, with a maximum production of 10,000 kg/ha and trailers of up to a maximum of 2,500 kg. And that comes at a price. A high price.

That is why this 2022 harvest we bought 800,000 kg of grapes from old vineyards in the area of the Conca del Riu Anoia area for the maximum price in the region of 1€/kg.

Harvest on the estate

Proud to be able to work with them and help them continue to care for their vineyards, we notched up one more harvest. A harvest characterized by its haste due to the drought that struck from the month of May, forcing us to work against the clock to bring the grapes in at their optimum time of ripening. The drought that also meant a 20% lower production than in a normal year.

“We are talking about incredible speed: such high temperatures this cycle combined with the drought have made the plant mature very quickly.”
Joan Munné

And a couple of weeks later it was time to harvest on our estate. So, on 17 August we started the harvest at Raventós i Blanc; a harvest that forced us to make quick decisions and work at a frenetic pace.

Vines: plants capable of enduring hardship

As we said at the beginning, the other great characters are the vines themselves. From the most emblematic plots such as the Clos del Serral, with vines over 80 years old, to the youngest plots such as the Malvasia de Sitges from the vineyard of La Plana, all have endured months without water and have given us a fruit which we predict will produce an excellent vintage.

“A harvest that reminds us of 2016, surprising years that remind us of the vine’s capacity for hardship.” – Pepe Raventós

We maintain our commitment to use exclusively local varieties; varieties adapted to our climate and soils more than 200 years ago. Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada, Monestrell, Malvasia de Sitges, Bastard Negre, Sumoll and Xarel·lo Rojo: all of them are planted on our estate.

The harvest on our biodynamic estate finished on Monday, 12 September, when we harvested the last variety, the Parellada.

The most eagerly awaited day

We have already talked about two of the characters of this 2022 vintage; we still need to mention the third: Our Team

Our team harvested at breakneck speed to ensure that all the grapes were brought in at their optimum moment. They worked day and night and at weekends to control the vinification in the winery and to ensure that the fermentation was as pure as possible.

The vineyard team and the team of oenologists, winegrowers and grape harvesters who, just like every year, set aside the 1.92 ha of the Clos del Serral plot to celebrate a harvest day together with the rest of the staff (sales and administrative staff and others) who, whether in the offices, warehouse or traveling help to develop this project.

Clos del Serral is undoubtedly the most emblematic plot on the family estate. A vineyard over 80 years old, worked 100% manually and, when necessary, with the help of animal traction. This is where Pepe Raventós’ most personal sparkling wine, Mas del Serral, was born.

It was 22 August, and the day began at 8 a.m. Buckets, scissors and to work. Laughter, photos, and little by little the 15 kg boxes were filled up. This time we had the help of Henri who, guided by the animal traction experts, transported the cart with the boxes to the garage for a second manual selection of the grapes. A shared breakfast always helps those who are less accustomed to these tasks to regain their strength.

Winegrowers, vineyards and our team have made the 2022 harvest another unforgettable vintage, which we will be able to savour in a minimum of 18 months’ time.


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