The Raventós i Blanc Oak Says Goodbye


Our symbol, the 550 year old Oak , is not going to wake up anymore . Nature taking its course. Being tired for the last time , he has decided to say farewell.

Imposing. Monumental. Magnificent. He was the only living witness of the 22 generations of the same family that has worked our farm.

During these years we have helped him to be strong and keep surviving , making it until this Spring, in which he has not awakened. In 2009 his decline began when he bent and his roots broke. We have waited for him , observed him , but he set his own path. That is why over the years we have not wanted to move him or try to lift him.

For us it has been a true reflection of our way to care for the land and the vineyard. Always with respect, affection and care.

The architecture of Raventos i Blanc was dedicated and designed for this tree; and it became the logo of the winery. It was not only a symbol of our winery, but also for the village of Sant Sadurní. For years it was the site chosen by many young people when asking their girlfriends’ hand in marriage. Long talks under his shadow were held in the evenings . His life has been long and eventful.

He goes but leaves a legacy. His 5 children are a sign of the continuity and the illusion of the Raventos project. They already look strong and well-rooted in our special place, ready to continue contemplating this wonder of nature.

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