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«Let the world get excited when they see us»

This is what we dream about for our wine-growing area, a geographical area scattered with vineyards that are cared for and worked on with the utmost respect in accordance with ecological and sustainable viticulture. Where the farmer earns a good living. “What we have to achieve is to unite winemakers and wine-growers to work together […]

Vineyard tasks on the estate in spring

As Pepe Raventós says: “Making a great wine is an easier task than we tend to think.” And we all know that wine is made in the vineyard and the vineyard is where it all begins, but we are perhaps unaware – or not sufficiently aware – of all the work behind the scenes, everything […]

Tracció animal a les vinyes


Durant les últimes setmanes hem calçat els ceps, llaurat i sembrat. Tot això amb les nostres eines i el millor company possible, el cavall bretó Bru. La recuperació d’aquesta forma de treballar és més que una connexió espiritual entre l’home, l’animal,  la planta i la terra. Des d’un punt de vista pràctic i vitícola treballar […]