The biodynamic preparations of Autumn

Biodynamic agriculture is, within the ecological viticulture, the most meticulous, deep and spiritual of all the options to practice in the vineyard. Biodynamics is also a philosophy, a commitment that we acquire with the plant and the earth. Our goal is to give life to the soil and ensure a good balance to the biodiversity of the farm and the ecosystem.

We care for biodynamic agriculture because we believe in our land and we want to get the best of it, just like our ancestors did. We know that if we invest affection, time and care it will be returned to us in the form of the best wine possible, sincere and accurate.

Our challenge is to create an ecosystem in which biodynamic energy flows, producing fruit that allow us to produce wines of high minerality, which express the soil and the highest authenticity.

The whole vineyard team is involved during the days in which the biodynamic preparations are prepared


At this time of year, just like every autumn, the calendar of the land marks the development of biodynamic preparations. These serve to give life and activate the different elements that are in the soil and that are essential for the good development of the plant. These preparations are the most unusual feature of the biodynamic method. During the creation of these preparations substances are taken from the natural world, exposed to the natural forces and subsequently returned to nature in an altered form.

Each preparation has its corresponding number according to the practices of the biodynamics of Rudolf Steiner. He said that “the plant is intimately linked to the natural life and is a reflection of what happens in the cosmos”.


In autumn all life descends to the ground, a layer of organic matter is created from dead leaves or herbs that we can mix with cow dung compost. We will apply the preparation 500 that will help us to activate the life of the soil. 60 cow horns are stuffed with manure of the same animal and buried underground. These horns function as an antenna, receiving information from the sun, the moon and the cosmos.

The information that is stored in the preparation is unearthed and scattered throughout the soil of the farm in order to transmit this information.

Preparation 500 will activate soil life


An infusion is made with chamomile flowers and this mixture is introduced into an intestine to obtain a sausage-shaped parcel that is buried in a fresh, moist and aerated area. This preparation activates the soil’s nitrogen.

In 6 months this preparation will be mixed with the compost


It is obtained from the bark of an oak tree and introduced into the skull of a domestic animal. It is buried in the soil in an area that is very humid. This preparation activates the soil’s calcium.

The preparation 505 is the one introduced into a pet head


This preparation is made infusing dandelion flowers and wrapping them in a piece of mesentery (membranous layer of the abdominal cavity of a ruminant animal). It is buried in an area with a lot of sun and heat. The purpose of this preparation is to activate soil silica and potassium.

The flowers of the 506 preparation are Dandelion

All these preparations will be buried in our soils for 6 months until next spring and will then be applied to the compost.

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