The New York Wine Experience

Going back to where Pepe and his family spent 5 winters  in an incomparable setting: the  New York Wine Experience, probably the most important wine event in the world.

Just a year ago we were talking about natural wines, about the Raw Wine Fair and New York, the city that has stolen all our hearts. It seems that the city calls us, that we only know how to go back to Manhattan, to lose ourselves amongst the skyscrapers and make our take-out coffee last until the next day.

But on going back to the city and opening up our suitcase, we have a wine, the De la Finca; the first Spanish sparkling wine capable of taking part in the New York Wine Experience. We can proudly say that Raventós i Blanc is and will always be the first sparkling winery invited to the fair.

This is the annual gathering of the best wineries and winemakers of the world; organized for the past 38 years by the prestigious American magazine, Wine Spectator.

Here is where the most classic and fine wines from all the wine regions are found; consumers and collectors of American wines make sure not to miss the chance of trying the most exclusive wines.

Three days at a frantic pace, we mingle with the best wines and wineries from around the world at the hotel Marriott Marquis , right in the middle of the incomparable Times Square.

The first day started with a magnificent sunset. At 6 in the afternoon, when everybody leaves work and gets ready to go home, we were ready to rub shoulders with the best wineries in the world.

And so, for 72 hours, the most discerning and educated palates from America and other continents tasted our De la Finca. De la Finca has become a classic, a modern classic, bold and one that broke ground at an event that had never before invited a Spanish winery of sparkling wines.

Yet another sign, perhaps, that Conca del Riu Anoia has a reason for being and has a future. To show the world that there are absolutely unique and authentic alternatives to champagne, with ground-breaking character and typicity.

The New York Wine Experience is always a great opportunity to taste the reference wines from around the world, exceptional vintages from the best “vignarons” and the discovery of new icons.

A great experience that in a city like this seems to have no end. As for us, we went on to the city’s most fashionable and authentic restaurants such as the Hawaiian Noreetuh, located in the East Village. Many critics place it at the top of the list of the Hawaiian restaurants in New York; be sure to go if you ever visit the metropolis.

Another on our list of highlights is the Korean Atoboy, in NoMad.  It is run by a couple, chef Junghyun Park and manager Ellia Park. Junghyun had previously worked at Jungsik, a two-Michelin starred Korean restaurant. This typical cuisine with Korean inspiration, ideal for sharing dishes, will not leave you indifferent!

To end our culinary recommendations, a French restaurant. The Frenchette by chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasra in the most trendy neighborhood of the big apple: Tribeca. Culinary critic Pete Wells in The New York Times , rates him as irresistibly pleasant and his cuisine as creative. If you go there, don’t forget to have a cocktail in the bar and taste a traditional dessert. Amazing!

All three have only been open between 1 year and 3 months; all of them have a fantastic wine list; all three are highly recommended!

Restaurant Altoboy  / Restaurant La Frenchette

In our suitcase we packed the conviction that in the world there are authentic and impressive wines, but the power of Conca del Riu Anoia lies in its sense of rootedness. The further away you are from home, the more you value and appreciate it. And the more we are valued.

New York, needless to say, we will be back!

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