Hidden vocations


The months of May and June have been the beginning of the end of COVID-19. We have begun to be somewhat freer and we hope we can embrace each other again this summer. During these months, the winery has remained active, with the minimum workforce necessary to guarantee the best service to our customers and the utmost care of our vineyard and farm. Because nature on our farm could not be stopped, but together we can stop COVID-19.


At the beginning, when the State of Alarm was declared, there were some complicated times of uncertainty, particularly for the wine and hospitality sectors. Soon the true essence of people emerged with actions of support and solidarity. Many industry professionals were ready to help with wonderful proposals that showed their generosity and big hearts. As for us, we did not think twice about collaborating with many of them and also giving what we are most proud of: our estate and our wines. This has been our experience during these months of sheltering.


Our first thought was for the healthcare professionals who have shown such courage and dedication in tirelessly taking care of everyone. For them, we decided to open our estate and winery. Inviting them, along with five guests, for a very special visit. To our surprise, we received over 700 requests in 24 hours! We would never have imagined it. We were touched to see how well the action was received among the healthcare staff. With more than 1,000 signed up, we are busy organizing everything to welcome them and to share with them our philosophy of life, giving them a day of rest full of experiences.

We heard about some chefs who were organizing the distribution of menus for healthcare professionals, people who were sick or at risk of exclusion; without further ado we decided to collaborate by donating some bottles of our Can Sumoi wines to all the volunteers and teams involved in this work.

Donating our wines and seeing the joy and gratitude of the recipients was definitely our greatest reward.

And as one thing inevitably leads to another, almost without thinking about it or planning it, we found ourselves handing out wine to the hospital staff within our borders in Catalonia. From the Dr. Josep Trueta Hospital, in Girona; to the Hospital in Olot, the Santa Tecla Hospital in Tarragona; or those of smaller towns like Campdevànol or Palamos. Between them, we donated more than 4,000 bottles.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank again all the associations with which we have been able to collaborate –  Ada Parellada, Health Warriors, Food for Good, La Merienda, Comer Contigo  – and all the others who have focused their efforts during this crisis to support and improve the situation of those most in need.


Without a doubt, during this time in our lives we have experienced uncertainty and even fear; but it has also brought out the best in each of us; and we can proudly say that in the field of wine and gastronomy – as in many others – millions of wineries, associations, sommeliers and other groups have done their utmost to find a thousand ways and initiatives to help. To each and every one of them THANK YOU; we are proud to be a part of a group that during this pandemic has managed to bring out and give of their best.


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