Malvasia de Sitges Vinya de la Plana 2021

Malvasia de Sitges Vinya de la Plana 2021

New 100% Malvasía de Sitges, recovering this local variety in Vinya de la Plana with clay and limestone soils.Year of planting: 2018, royat-trained vines and a surface area: 1,40 ha.

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The 2021 vintage was extremely dry and temperate. After a 2020 vintage with a memory of rainfall, the cycle began with full soil water reserves. The entire cycle saw little rain and normal temperatures, with a cold winter and mild spring without heat waves. The reserves from the previous cycle and the good structure of the soils helped the plants to have a good borade and a good vegetative development without any pressure from fungi.

The heat wave arrived at the beginning of summer and lasted into July. We had a drop in production due to the drought, a healthy and concentrated harvest. Throughout the agricultural year we had a high rainfall of 326 mm (the average of the last 20 years is 517.8 mm. The average temperature was 15.2 °C, similar to the average of the last 20 years).

A unique plot chosen by Pepe Raventós in 2020 to produce his monovarietal white wine. It has calcareous soils with clay texture, where in 2018 vines were planted in royat training system using only the native Malvasía de Sitges variety. It covers an area of 1.40 ha.

Its northeast orientation provides long hours of sunlight. With an average production of 3,700 kg per hectare.

The vineyard is carried out on a strictly organic basis respecting the soil, the vineyards and its ecosystem to develop and maintain a balanced environment. We work with spontaneous and planted plant covers.

The maximum attention is focused on the vineyards, carrying out a meticulous work throughout the whole agricultural year, such as green pruning, winter pruning, making that the air circulates among the grapes minimizing the onset of diseases; Since once the grapes have matured in a healthy way, the wine can be allowed to develop with minimal intervention in the cellar; yeast, sugar, chemicals, or temperature control are not used in winemaking, making the process as natural as possible.

We work according to the biodynamic principles following the lunar calendar for the work on the vines, and we make our own preparations. We apply compost of the animals of our little farm.

All the work in the vineyard is done by hand and, when required, with the help of horses; 100% animal traction.

Manual harvest on September 7th in 15 kg boxes. We made a selection of grapes in the vineyard. Direct entry into presses. Whole grape pressing with a yield of 50%. Slightly settled. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts from the vineyard in the garage of the Mas with a cement tank. We control the temperature between 18 and 20°C.

The fermentations lasted 17 days. It aged for 9 months on its lees, where the wine stabilizes slightly and gains volume. We do not stabilize or filter. We bottled on August 30th, 2022. We keep the wine in the bottle for a minimum of 9 months. We do not use any oenological additives at any time during the process.

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